Everyday is Dental Day at Kindness!!

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We are committed to providing the most progressive dentistry available, here at Kindness Pet Hospital.

How about a COHAT??

What’s that ??

A Complete Oral Health Assessment and Treatment. (COHAT) includes the following:

During your pet’s Dental procedure we evaluate the oral cavity for lesions or masses, perform full-mouth radiographs of all teeth and probe each tooth for excess depth and pocketing at the gum line, a common indication of bone disease.

The teeth are ultrasonically scaled to remove built-up plaque and calculus.  If necessary, we perform root planing by hand to remove diseased tissue associated with periodontal disease.

We then polish the enamel on the teeth and apply a fluoride treatment.  


Crown and root resorption with partial root ankylosis


Dr. Connor performs simple and surgical dental extractions utilizing flap procedures as necessary.  

We are proud to offer Guided Tissue Regeneration.  This procedure is utilized to grow bone.  New bone growth can save teeth from extraction.

Remember bad breath is NOT NORMAL!!  75% of all dogs and cats display some form of periodontal disease by age 3!!  

Call us to discuss your companion’s oral health.  We are happy to help!!