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You’ve spoken, and we’ve listened! Open on Saturday!!


Many of you have asked for additional clinic hours.  We’ve listened!

Kindness Pet Hospital will be open the second and third Saturday of each month from 8:30am until noon!!



February 13th and 20th



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  We are so proud to be a part of the Santa Rosa Beach Community!! 




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You want me to wear what??!






Meet our newest, littlest patient!  This stray  baby boy has a broken arm and two broken fingers.  He is a little overwhelmed by his new bandage, but it is also very festive!!  He is about five weeks old.  Come in to Kindness and visit him anytime!!!






Poison Helpline

Did you know that many local plants such as Lantana and  Sago Palm are toxic to dogs?  Several types of lilies (Easter lilies, Tiger lilies, Asiatic lilies) are rapidly fatal to cats.

lantana2      sago

lilly     tiger lily


Common foods that we eat daily such as: chocolate, raisins, grapes, Macadamia nuts, onions and Xylitol sweetener can also be harmful to your pet. 

If your pet has ingested a toxic plant or food, please call Kindness, then call

The Pet Poison Helpline.  This service is available 24/7.



Refer a friend!!

We appreciate referrals!!  If you refer a friend, you will receive a $15.00 credit towards your next visit.  Thank you for spreading the word about Kindness Pet Hospital!  Below is our friend Neil and one of his backyard chickens!!


New Website!

Kindness Pet Hospital is proud to launch our new website and unveil a new logo!  We hope you like our new look!  Please visit our site often, as we are adding content daily!!


Did you know…

Our logo is based on a very important member of Dr. Connor’s family.  The dog depicted in the logo was designed in memory of Dr. Connor’s Belgian sheepdog, Emmee.   “Emmee was my constant companion before kids and throughout veterinary school.  We were together all the time.  I miss her so much, and think of her every time I look at our logo”.




 Furry Friends TalkFrenchie on 30A

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Client Reviews

Professional, friendly, personal, skilled, informative.
Dr Connor is respectful and explains issues without being condescending or playing on a parents guilt (I've had this happen at other vets too many times to count).
She's reasonable about treatment options and truly cares about the animal and family rather than making money.
Everybody treats my dog well and greets him as well as me and are familiar with his issues.
They understand the issues of the heart along with how to practice good medicine.

Dr.Connor is so very knowledgeable and patient.
I feel like she treats each animal the way she would her own pet, and she really wants her clients to be armed with all of the necessary information to make good choices about care.
Her staff are wonderful, too--polite, professional and warm.
We always feel welcomed and comfortable when we bring our pets in.
So glad to have found Kindness!

Our experience with Kindness has been exceptional! Dr Mary and her staff are 1st Class! I have two old full blooded rescue mutts who are my kids and what I love most about Kindness taking care of them is each and every one of Dr Mary's staff genuinely cares.
They follow up better than any Vet I've had the 16 years that we have been here! I have given her referrals and they love her and staff as well.
Try Kindness and you will fall in love too!

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